• Include your log file in user's feedback.

    When I was building Groceryx, I wanted it to be as solid and robust as possible. I've invested time in unit tests and did a thorough beta testing process and setup HockeyApp for crash reporting. However, I'm a realist and understand that bugs will be found anyway even if you try hard to avoid them. It's just the part of building apps, get along with it.

  • Unit tests for AsyncTask.

    Let's assume that you want to cover with unit tests some asynchronous operation that you've implemented using AsyncTask. First, you need a mechanism to wait for operation to finish before test end up itself, so you can test results of this operation. The easiest way to do it is to use CountDownLatch:

  • APNS. Enhanced Message Format.

    There are two methods for sending push notifications to Apple Push Notification Service (APNS). First one is to use only device token and notification in JSON format. This method is fairly simple and has many implementations. I'll describe the second one, enhanced message format.

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